• Gurju Margh, Dillibazar

  • Kathmandu-30, Nepal

  • 10:00 - 17:00

  • Sunday to Friday


Share Training

At NMBL, we believe the more informed the investors are, the wiser their decisions become. Inculcating this belief, we continuously provide awareness training to those candidates who are willing to invest but are intimidated by the ups and downs of market due to lack of knowledge. As a merchant banker, it is our responsibility and priority to aware the Nepalese citizens regarding the stock market and help them to become rational investors.

Basic Fundamental Training

Basic Fundamental training program is a 6 hours training program especially designed for new Investors to explore the capital market. It will provide the insight of share market of Nepal and give guidance to enter in primary and secondary market with value maximizing strategy.
Target Groups: Those investors who are willing to invest but doesn’t possess enough knowledge to enter Stock Market.
Teacher Student Ratio: 1: 20

  • Content to be discussed:
  1. Basic Introduction regarding the Stock  market.
  2. Primary and Secondary Market
  3. Concept on Demat and CASBA
  4. Working Mechanism of Nepse
  5. Factors affecting Stock Market
  6. Balance Sheet Analysis
  7. Profit and Loss Account Analysis
  8. Key Ratios
  9. Use of Technology in Stock Market
  10. Concept on Mutual Fund
  11. Portfolio Management
  12. Different Institutions directly involved in Stock Market (Nepse, SEBON,Bimi Samiti, NRB, MOF)

Fee: Rs. 1000
Duration: 3 days (6 Credit Hours)
Time:  4 pm to 6 pm (Day)



Technical Analysis Course

Technical Analysis Course is designed for those Investors who are willing to trade in Stock Market
Introduction to Technical Analysis

  • Types of Charts and Candlestick Patterns
  • Support & Resistance, Trend Line, and Fibonacci
  • Basic Concepts of Trends and Trend Analysis
  • Chart Patterns
  • Technical Indicators

Teacher Student Ratio: 1: 10
Fee: Rs. 5000
Duration: 7 days (14 Credit Hours)
Time:  7 am to 9 am (Morning)  & 4 pm to 6 pm (Day)
Note: Laptop is must for Technical Analysis Class.