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Portfolio Management Service (PMS)

NMBL manages portfolio of individual as well of institution based on predetermined wealth management objectives. We develop systematic and deliberate strategies that strike a balance between liquidity, risk abatement and growth of wealth.

Portfolio Management Service is all about implementing professional investment strategy in accordance with the investment objectives of different investor class ranging from individual to institutional level.

NMBL provides two types of PMS :

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

    Discretionary Portfolio is an arrangement of an investment account in which portfolio manager makes the buy-sell, investment-divestment decisions of the securities without reference to the account owner (client) for every transaction. Under this service, NMBL purchases and sells securities on the behalf of the client to meet the risk-return profile and investment objective of client within agreed limits. Discretionary account suits for those investors who wish to deploy for their investable fund in the capital market relying on professional management

  • Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

    Under this service, we manage the account as per the direction of the client. NMBL suggests, notifies and gives instructions to the clients before taking approval for execution. For those clients who wish to enjoy a greater degree of participation in the management of their investments, we offer the non-discretionary investment management service whereby we contact clients to advise and discuss investment matters.

Latest News

  • Date : 07 August 2018
    NCC bank is going to close shareholders register book on Shrawan 15 for 2:1 right share issuance. Paid up capital will reach Rs 7.01 arba
  • Date : 27 July 2018
    Synergy Finance Limited (SYFL) has reported significant fall in net profit at Rs 5.22 crore along with significant fall in EPS at Rs 11.02 for the fourth quarter 2074/75. Net worth per share stands at Rs 71.81
  • Date : 27 July 2018
    Laxmi Value Fund-1 & Laxmi Equity Fund both register loss for the month of Ashadh. Also, their NAV stand at Rs 10.84 & Rs 8.66 respectively
  • Date : 27 July 2018
    Nadep Laghubitta announces book closure on Shrawan 21. Shareholders holding shares till Shrawan 20 can participate in the AGM
  • Date : 27 July 2018
    NEPSE ends the week’s trade losing 3.15 points; Investors disinterest cause minimal transaction of Rs 19.30 crore