Our research unit is responsible for keeping NMBL on the cutting edge of investment management by providing high-quality research support to all our business units. Our investment management activities are favourably impacted upon by the quality of our in-house research, which provides informed bases for decision making. Our research reports include:

  1. Securities Analysis Reports
  2. Periodicals (Daily Stock Market Report and analysis, Weekly Stock Market Report, Quarterly and Annual Stock Market Review, Industry reports)
  3. Training and Investment seminars
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This website is the property of National Merchant Banker Ltd. Investment in stock involves high risk. The analysis of stocks fully depends upon past performance of capital market. The past stock performance may not predict the future trend. The movement in the price of investment instruments may suffer the loss of initial capital. The ideas, opinions, tactics, strategies, forecasts, expressed in this website are the sole view of this company. All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research or consult with their Portfolio Manager before making any investment decision. Any investmets, trades, speculations made in the light of the information provided herein, are committed at your own risk.

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