Demat Companies
S.N. Company Name Stock Symbol ISIN
Ordinary Share Promoter Share Convertible Preference
1 Ace Development Bank Ltd. ACEDBL NPE000A00007 NPE000A40003
2 Agriculture Development Bank Limited ADBL NPE001A00005
3 Alpine Development Bank Limited ALDBL NPE035A00003
4 Apex Development Bank Ltd. APEX NPE090A00008
5 Asian Life Insurance Co. Limited ALICL NPE200A00003 NPE200A40009
6 Bank of Kathmandu BOK NPE003A00001 NPE003A40007
7 Business Universal Development Bank Ltd. BUDBL NPE045A00002
8 Butwal Power Company Limited BPCL NPE192A00002
9 Century Commercial Bank Ltd. CCBL NPE243A00003
10 Citizen Bank International Limited CZBIL NPE011A00004 NPE011A40000
11 Citizen Investment Trust CIT NPE119A00005
12 City Development Bank Limited CDBL NPE047A00008 NPE047A40004
13 Civil Bank Ltd CBL NPE012A00002
14 Cosmos Development Bank Ltd. CSDBL NPE242A00005
15 Country Development Bank Ltd. CNDBL NPE049A00004 NPE049A40000
16 Deprosc Development Bank Limited DDBL NPE110A00004 NPE110A40000
17 Everest Bank Limited EBL NPE016A00003 NPE016A40009 NPE016A06000
18 Everest Finance Ltd. EFL NPE002A00003 NPE002A40009
19 Everest Insurance Co. Ltd. EIC NPE201A00001
20 Excel Development Bank Ltd. EDBL NPE051A00000 NPE051A40006
21 Gandaki Bikas Bank Limited GDBL NPE054A00004
22 Garima Bikas Bank Limited GBBL NPE053A00006 NPE053A40002
23 Gaumukhee Bikas Bank Ltd. GABL NPE225A00000
24 Global IME Bank Limited GBIME NPE017A00001 NPE017A40007
25 Grand Bank Nepal Limited GRAND NPE018A00009 NPE018A40005
26 Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd. GLICL NPE202A00009 NPE202A40005
27 Himalayan Bank Limited HBL NPE019A00007 NPE019A40003
28 Himalayan General Insurance Co. Ltd HGI NPE005A00006
29 ICFC Finance Limited ICFC NPE128A00006 NPE128A40002
30 Infrastructure Development Bank Ltd. IDBL NPE058A00005 NPE058A40001
31 Janata Bank Nepal Ltd. JBNL NPE020A00005
32 Jebils Finance Ltd. JEFL NPE222A00007
33 Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited JBBL NPE061A00009 NPE061A40005
34 Kailash Bikas Bank Ltd. KBBL NPE063A00005 NPE063A40001
35 Kalika Microcredit Development Bank Ltd. KMCDB NPE235A00009 NPE235A40005
36 Kankai Bikas Bank Ltd. KNBL NPE069A00002 NPE069A40008
37 Kasthamandap Development Bank Limited KDBL NPE064A00003 NPE064A40009
38 Kumari Bank Limited KBL NPE021A00003 NPE021A40009
39 Lalitpur Finance Ltd. LFC NPE135A00001 NPE135A40007
40 Laxmi Bank Limited LBL NPE004A00009 NPE004A40005
41 Laxmi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. LLBS NPE247A00004 NPE247A40000
42 Lumbini Bank Limited LUBL NPE023A00009 NPE023A40005
43 Lumbini General Insurance Co. Ltd. LGIL NPE203A00007
44 Machhapuchhre Bank Limited MBL NPE024A00007 NPE024A40003
45 Maha Laxmi Finance Ltd. MFL NPE138A00005 NPE138A40001
46 Mahakali Bikas Bank Limited MBBL NPE071A00008 NPE071A40004
47 Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd. BLDBL NPE042A00009 NPE042A40005
48 Malika Bikas Bank Limited MDBL NPE218A00005 NPE218A40001
49 Manaslu Bikas Bank Ltd. MSBBL NPE229A00002
50 Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. MEGA NPE034A00006
51 Mission Development Bank Ltd. MIDBL NPE228A00004
52 Miteri Development Bank Limited MDB NPE072A00006 NPE072A40002
53 Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd. MNBBL NPE075A00009 NPE075A40005
54 Nabil Bank Limited NABIL NPE025A00004 NPE025A40000
55 NagBeli LaghuBitta Bikas Bank Ltd. NBBL NPE249A00000 NPE249A40006
56 Namaste Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. NBSL NPE223A00005
57 Naya Nepal Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd. NNLB NPE236A00007 NPE236A40003
58 NDEP Development Bank Limited NDEP NPE078A00003 NPE078A40009
59 Neco Insurance Co. Ltd. NIL NPE207A00008
60 Nepal Aawas Finance Limited NABB NPE140A00001 NPE140A40007
61 Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited NBB NPE013A00000 NPE013A40006
62 Nepal Bank Limited NBL NPE026A00002
63 Nepal Credit And Commercial Bank Limited NCCB NPE027A00000 NPE027A40006
64 Nepal Doorsanchar Comapany Limited NTC NPE190A00006
65 Nepal Investment Bank Limited NIB NPE028A00008 NPE028A40004
66 Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd. NLIC NPE209A00004 NPE209A40000
67 Nepal SBI Bank Limited SBI NPE007A00002
68 Nerude Laghubita Bikas Bank Limited NLBBL NPE081A00007
69 NIC Asia Bank Ltd. NICA NPE029A00006 NPE029A40002
70 NIDC Development Bank Ltd. NIDC NPE080A00009
71 Nirdhan Utthan Bank Limited NUBL NPE082A00005
72 NLG Insurance Company Ltd. NLG NPE208A00006
73 NMB Bank Limited NMB NPE030A00004 NPE030A40000
74 Prabhu Bank Limited PRVU NPE022A00001
75 Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. PCBL NPE031A00002 NPE031A40008
76 Prime Life Insurance Company Limited PLIC NPE010A00006
77 Professional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd. PRDBL NPE109A00006
78 Prudential Insurance Co. Ltd. PICL NPE212A00008
79 Rural Microfinance Development Centre Ltd. RMDC NPE231A00008
80 Sagarmatha Insurance Co. Ltd. SIC NPE214A00004 NPE214A40000
81 Sahayogi Bikas Bank Limited SBBLJ NPE094A00000 NPE094A40006
82 Sana Kisan Bikas Bank Ltd SKBBL NPE233A00004
83 Sanima Bank Limited SANIMA NPE032A00000 NPE032A40006
84 Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd. SHPC NPE234A00002
85 Sewa Bikas Bank Limited SEWA NPE096A00005 NPE096A40001
86 Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd. SICL NPE006A00004 NPE006A40000
87 Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd. SHINE NPE097A00003
88 Siddharth Finance Ltd. SFL NPE158A00003 NPE158A40009
89 Siddhartha Bank Limited SBL NPE009A00008 NPE009A40004
90 Siddhartha Development Bank Ltd. SDBL NPE095A00007 NPE095A40003
91 Siddhartha Insurance Ltd. SIL NPE008A00000
92 Soaltee Hotel Limited SHL NPE168A00002
93 Standard Chartered Bank Limited SCB NPE033A00008
94 Summit Micro Finance Development Bank Ltd. SMFDB NPE099A00009
95 Sunrise Bank Limited SRBL NPE014A00008 NPE014A40004
96 Supreme Development Bank Ltd. SUPRME NPE101A00003 NPE101A40009
97 Swabalamban Bikas Bank Limited SWBBL NPE102A00001 NPE102A40007
98 Synergy Finance Ltd. SYFL NPE116A00001 NPE116A40007
99 Taragaon Regency Hotel Limited TRH NPE169A00000
100 Tinau Development Bank Limited TNBL NPE105A00004 NPE105A40000
101 Triveni Bikas Bank Limited TBBL NPE103A00009 NPE103A40005
102 Uniliver Nepal Limited UNL NPE188A00000
103 Union Finance Co. Ltd. UFCL NPE162A00005 NPE162A40001
104 United Finance Ltd. UFL NPE164A00001 NPE164A40007
105 Vibor Bikas Bank Limited VBBL NPE107A00000 NPE107A40006
106 Yeti Development Bank Limited YETI NPE112A00000 NPE112A40006
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