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National Merchant Banker Limited (NMBL) is a public limited company registered under Company Act 2063 and licensed under Securities Businessperson (Merchant Banker) Regulations 2008 to run an Investment Banking (Portfolio Management Services) in Nepal. It is established by a competent group with a long history of success in the field of banking, finance, government agencies, and private business sectors. Our team consists of excellent market analysts, who have decade long experience in the creation of wealth in capital market, is dedicated to wealth maximization by identifying profitable avenues available. The organization has developed strong inhouse research unit, which collect in-depth information about all aspects of investment instruments available in Nepal.


To be recognized as the ‘Dynamic Investment Banker’ of Nepal continuously creating values for our stakeholders.


To provide effective and efficient ‘Financial Advisory Services’ and ‘Portfolio Management Services’ to individual and institution through customer centric and service driven approach by focusing on research based, scientific, and long-term investment strategies for the creation of higher wealth.


We are always guided and inspired by these values to strive for excellence in everything we do. Some of them are:

Corporate Governance

We keep high level of accountability, integrity and transparency among our employees and clients through our policies and actions.


We strongly believe in professional work environment in our workspace. Our views, opinions and strategies fully depend on in-depth analysis and systematic process. Our actions will be free of temporary reactions like fear and greed.

Risk Management

We emphasize on developing investment process that highly commensurate risk factor associated with investment in capital market. We are always serious about risk and return of our client’s capital.

Result Orientation

We strive for result-oriented work by setting high level of target under high standard of ethical ground.

Bias Free

We respect all clients on same basis irrespective of service taken.

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This website is the property of National Merchant Banker Ltd. Investment in stock involves high risk. The analysis of stocks fully depends upon past performance of capital market. The past stock performance may not predict the future trend. The movement in the price of investment instruments may suffer the loss of initial capital. The ideas, opinions, tactics, strategies, forecasts, expressed in this website are the sole view of this company. All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research or consult with their Portfolio Manager before making any investment decision. Any investmets, trades, speculations made in the light of the information provided herein, are committed at your own risk.

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